The Ekari Book Series: A Journey Across Africa

EkariCurrently PenAfrica’s flagship project, The Ekari Book Series is set to be a 54-volume series of children’s books that takes young readers on a unique African journey. In each volume, 8-year-old Ekari visits a different African country, and experiences their modern-day culture through their food, music, dress and so much more.

Through her interactions with all these and more aspects of each country, it is PenAfrica’s hope that readers will come to  have a new-formed understanding of the African continent as a whole, as well as the diversity represented through each individual culture. Also, the series is our contribution towards the African Children’s literature realm, and one effort towards promoting the reading of African content. Also, we hope that for children growing up in Africa, the series will be one that represents them, and is culturally relevant.


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