Hayat Muhammed Seid:

21 year old Hayat is an Ethiopian who is currently studying History and Psychology at New York University Abu Dhabi(NYUAD). She is an African Leadership Academy alumnus, as well as Global Changemakers fellow of 2012. Her passion for African history and for exploring different avenues to study it inspired her to co-found the Africana Studies Program at her university. She is also passionate about education and hopes to one day contribute towards creating equal access to quality education for children in need of it. In her spare time, Hayat enjoys reading and writing. Connect with Hayat on Social Media below!

Priscilla Semps

Priscilla Takondwa Semphere: 

Priscilla is a 20 year old Malawian. Currently, Priscilla is a rising sophomore at Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts. She is an alumnus of the African Leadership Academy, was a Watson University Spring 2014 scholar, and was Three Dot Dash Global Teen Fellow of 2014. Priscilla is passionate about storytelling and using it to celebrate culture and the multiplicity of existence. Her interests include blogging, writing, reading, and occasionally, doodling in notebooks and on pieces of paper. Connect with Priscilla on social media below!



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